CIN Celliose, whose head office is located at Pierre Bénite, near Lyon, has two production sites: Saint Symphorien d’Ozon and Cholet.

The company employs over 100 people, including 15 engineers and technicians, devoted entirely to research and development, in order to offer its clients quality solutions that are increasingly innovative and competitive.

CIN Celliose markets hi-tech solutions and offers a unique and high level of service to its clients and distributors in France and abroad (30% of sales), while also supporting sustainable development.

CIN Celliose operates in four key sectors:

  1. Cosmetic and packaging
  2. General industry, sport and leisure
  3. Transport, handling and agricultural equipment
  4. Construction and habitat

With its ISO 9001 cetification, CIN Celliose is devoted to constant improvement, namely via its renowned Quality Management System; a veritable operational management tool for everyday use.



Created in 1929, CIN Celliose has 80 years of experience in the design, development and production of industrial paints and coatings. Since 2009, CIN Celliose has been a subsidiary of CIN, the Portuguese family-run group, and leader in the paint and coatings market.

CIN Celliose is focused on sustainable and lasting growth thanks to its strong stable and independent shareholders.



Client satisfaction

Our teams work hard to satisfy our clients daily. They do so by giving the right answer to their questions, listening hard and providing product information and associated services. By being responsive and competitive, we create a lasting partnership with our clients. With responsive teams and competitive solutions, CIN Celliose can satisfy even the most demanding client.


The quality policy, applied via our quality management system, enables our clients to ensure that their request will be dealt with rapidly. The Director of the Quality, Heath, Safety and Environment Centre verifies the system’s operation and conformity with the ISO 9001 standard. It supervises the various processes; taking the necessary actions to ensure that objectives are met.



Significant human and technical resources are employed by the R&D department. This means that we are always open to using new raw materials, new processes and new technologies to provide our clients with ever-more innovative and competitive solutions that create value.


CIN Celliose is committed to respecting regulations and guidelines applicable to its activities in matters of health, safety and the environment. The company constantly evaluates the potential risks of major accidents and the environmental impact of its activities and takes all the necessary measures to reduce these risks, and indeed to eliminate them altogether.



For many years, CIN Celliose has been developing privileged relationships with its clients and building veritable partnerships. This desire to create lasting and fruitful relationships remains a key element of its strategy today.

The company is proud to have been with some of clients for over 30 years and it continues to listen to its clients in order to advance its solutions and services. Its goal is to develop and reinforce these relations based on mutual trust and respect and by ensuring optimal responsiveness thanks to its highly reactive teams.


One of CIN Celliose’s key strategies is to pursue its development abroad by drawing from its tried and tested expertise and solutions.


Technical assistance

A highly-dedicated and experienced technical assistance team can provide direct support at client production lines to assist in the implementation of CIN Celliose products and in particular, to help adapt them, if necessary. This team operates both in France and abroad, rapidly and in the best conditions for its clients.